Friday, July 6, 2018

bedtime cat

bedtime cat.
There’s a lump on my bed,
A bump on my bed,
And my mother said
“Get that cat out!”

There’s a growl outside,
A yowl outside,
A lonely howl outside
And my brother cried

“Let that cat in!”
my poem is about a bedtime cat the thing i enjoyed was typing and colouring .the thing a can change next time is get more creative.

kiwi kids news.


my D.L.O  is creating a slide off kiwi kids news the thing i enjoyed was doing the backgrounds the thing i need to work on next time is to get more information.

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Toy story mystery.

My D.L.O is doing quizzes and answering questions and the thing i liked about this is putting 
in the back grounds and the thing i found challenging was inserting all the pictures because it took for 

Tiddalick the frog.

My  D.L.O is  learning to use the 5 w's  in sentences and story 's . The 5 w's are 
who, what , where, why/how. and the thing i liked about doing this  is finding  all
the 5 w's and highlighting them. The thing  i found challenging  was doing the picture 
about your favourite part of the story.

Highlight the 5 W’s we use in Recount Writing
Who, What, When, /where, Why/How

Once upon a time, a long, long time ago in the Dream Time there was a greedy frog called Tiddalick. Tiddalick wanted to be the biggest frog in all the land.
One very hot day Tiddalick was very thirsty so he began to drink and drink and drink until the whole billabong was all dried up. When all the other animals came to the billabong to drink there was no water. They knew it was the greedy frog who drank all the water. They were very angry at him. If the animals wanted to get all the water out of Tiddalick and back into the billabong they would have to make Tiddalick laugh until all the water came out.
The echidna tried to make him laugh by rolling down the hill into the dried up billabong but Tiddalick didn't laugh. Kookaburra was perched high in the gum tree, he pretended to fall out but Tiddalick still didn't laugh! Wombat started dancing but Tiddalick still didn't laugh! None of the animals knew what to do and they were still very thirsty. When the snake was dancing he tied himself into a big knot, Tiddalick could not stop laughing at the snake. He laughed so much that all the water came out and ran back into the billabong. From that day on Tiddalick was never greedy and only drank what he needed.

Insert a digital image of your favourite part of the story



Friday, May 25, 2018

solving codes.

Yesterday we had a a reliever and we had to figer out
a code she made for us so my D.L.O is solving codes
the fun thing about it was solving the code and the thing that
i found challenging was solving the code from the times,division and the additions.

SECRET  SPRING CODE – WALT solve the problem in brackets first


Directions – Solve each expression below.  Remember to solve the equation in the brackets first.  Once you have solved all the equations, write the above their matching numbers in the message below.
 A   (6+3)-5
 B   (4x6)-14
A =  4
B =10
C =2
D =6
E =1
F =15
G =17
H =27
I =33
J =3
K =40
L =22
M =5
N =19
O =11
P =6
Q =24
R =0
S =12
T =32
U =30
V =18
W =7
X =20
Y =25
Z =36

A  p r  i l             s h o w e r  s b r i     n g m a y  
4-16-0-33-22          12-27-11-7-1-0-12     10-0-33-19-17 5-4-35           

 f  l o  w e r   s a  n d e   v e r y t h   i n g s                        
15-22-11-7-1-0-12          4-19-6 1-18-1-0-35-32-27-33-19-17-12                                           
In                  b l o o m
33-19          10-22-11-11-5.

For example:- do not use the matching numbers and letters in this example to solve the equations and message above.

W-R-I-T-E      T-H-E- L-E-T-T-E-R-S      A-B-O-V-E T-H-E
1-2-3-4-5        6-7-5 8-5-4-4-5-2-9       10-11-12-13-5 6-7-5

N-U-M-B-E-R-S      L-I-K-E T-H-I-S
14-15-16-11-5-2-8   8-3-17-5 6-7-3-8

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Maria Folau.  
  • Date of birth is 1987. ( 31 years old)
  • She was born in Tokoroa.
  • She is representing New Zealand in the Commonwealth Games.
  • She is competing in netball.
  • The position she plays is goal shooter.
  • She is 188 m tall.

Friday, March 16, 2018

te reo maori.

    my D.L.O is a presentation of te reo maori.
    the first slideshow is about what we are learning
    and the thing i found challenging was finding the picture's for 
    the background's the thing i enjoyed was writing in the text and 
    taking pictures of me and putting them on and i loved talking