Friday, March 16, 2018

te reo maori.

    my D.L.O is a presentation of te reo maori.
    the first slideshow is about what we are learning
    and the thing i found challenging was finding the picture's for 
    the background's the thing i enjoyed was writing in the text and 
    taking pictures of me and putting them on and i loved talking 

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Kutai fritters.

                     I've been learning how to Re-create a  story  about kutai fritters. kutai are food that comes                         from the sea. my D.L.O is learning how to create story's about the ocean and the thing I                           really enjoyed was making the background's  there so cool because they move and it                                  looks so satisfying watching the ocean  move like it's real this is the best I've done so                                 far.i'm going to describe more about kutai's. 

Friday, March 9, 2018

Rata and the Waka.

I've been learning how to Recreate storeys about maori myths  and the one i chose was Rata and the Waka .my D.L.O is Recreating storeys about maori. the things I enjoyed are putting all the sceans and characters on and making it look like they are speaking.the things I'm going to do next time is give more description of storyboard that.

Friday, October 20, 2017

Breathless. SJSL .L3.  2016.
WALT make text-to-self connections.
Answer the following questions using FULL sentences.
How do I support my friends and team members?
  1. How does it feel to be part of a social group?
  • it feels like being  cared for.
  1. Is it ever OK to lie or break rules?
  • It's never ok to lie and break rules because it can get you in really big trouble.
  1. How do I decide when it’s OK for me to lie or break rules?  
  • You can never decide to lie and break rule because that how you make trouble.
  1. What can I do to make myself feel better when I have made a mistake?
  • To make you feel better for doing a mistake is to own up to it.
  1. What would it feel like to live with an illness like asthma or diabetes?
  • It would be really boring to have asthma  because you will have to stay inside incase you have a asthma attack.
Write a Reading Response Journal post on your blog.

  • Write the Title of the story. breathless
  • Recount what happened in the story.
  • What happened in the story was that asafo lost a game in two months and he could never forget it but at the end he won the last game.
  • What is the main idea of the story?
  • The main idea is them playing their game.
  • What did you like best and why?
  • When they went flying down the street in the trolley. And it was funny.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Taku Whānau

Kia ora. Ko shzstela au.
Ko Thomas taku koro. Ko charles  taku kuia. Ko james taku koro. Ko charleen taku kuia. Ko  tj taku pāpā. Ko roma taku māmā. Ko ahungarangi taku tuahine.ko kruz taku tuakana Ko trey. taku teina.
Ko wai mā rātou?
Ko tēnei taku whānau. Ko tj taku pāpā. Ko roma taku māmā. Ko kimdavi taku tuahine.
Ko wai rāua?
Ko ia taku whaea kēkē. Ko ia taku matua kēkē. Ko roma te tungāne o taku māmā. Tokomaha aku kaihana.
Ae. Tokomaha ō kaihana.
Ko tēnei taku whānau.

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Ask Eddie quiz

WALT ask questions

1:Was eddie scared.?
2:did koro tu like the painting.?
3:did eddie think he can’t sing.?
4: was koro happy about the painting.?
5:did they go visit a school.?
6:did koro tu pick eddie.?
7:did eddie sit and take a picture with his painting.?
8: did  koro tu think eddie's painting  was stunning.?
9:did koro tu say to  eddie you captured something very important.?

10:did eddie say to koro tu do you think the kura will like my painting.?